Application security is our domain

Software Assurance

Simulate realistic threats against your software and technology assets through penetration testing, red teaming and code security reviews

SDLC Security

Assess your Agile & DevOps development processes and guide your teams to bake security into the SDLC via automation and efficient manual activities

Security Engineering

Support your team to remediate security issues and develop custom tools for your CI/CD pipeline to keep your applications secure

We live and breathe software development and security

We are experienced software developers and hackers, passionate about securing systems and processes against the multitude of threats. Get Product Security advice from security professionals who have been in the shoes of developers and understand their mindset and the competing pressures they face. Our software assurance process uses whitebox penetration testing, custom tools and methodologies to deep-dive and find critical issues. We love going the extra mile and gaining an in-depth understanding of your applications in order to find the vulnerabilities that other information security professionals have missed.

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A sovereign Australian application security company

We are a boutique cyber security consultancy founded and staffed by Australian citizens with extensive experience servicing Australian government, non-profit and private sector organisations. This means you get to deal directly with the directors and founders throughout the engagement process, from initial enquiries through to testing and remediation; and post-engagement guidance. Our door is always open for our customers to pick our brains on all things cybersecurity.

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Let us partner with you to grow security maturity in your organisation

Your customers expect that your software and infrastructure will protect their data against cyber threats. We believe that security should be an integral part of your development team’s mindset and practices. Application security maturity doesn’t happen overnight though. You need a partner to guide you on the journey. By engaging with us, you can "shift security left" in the development process and reduce the high cost of remediating security vulnerabilities discovered later in the SDLC.

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